Professional Sunny Grass Seed Mix


Specially Formulated for Quick Coverage and Long Lasting LawnResists Drought, Insects and Disease

All Improved Varieties

Turf Line Sunny Grass Seed Mixture is a blend of three Turf -Type Perennial Rye grasses, which combines attractiveness with rapid germination and traffic tolerance, and two blends of Kentucky Bluegrass for a beautiful, sun-loving lawn. Seeds are all improved varieties that will resist drought, insects and disease. Sunny Mixture is packaged in 3 lb. and 10 lb. stay-fresh, re-closable bags.

25% Pizzazz Perennial Ryegrass

25% Protege’ Perennial Ryegrass

20% Kokomo II Perennial Ryegrass

15% Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass

15% Bonaire Kentucky Bluegrass