Turf Line vs. Lawn Service

If you can read and you can walk, you can save hundreds of dollars over a lawn service. You don’t even have to read and walk at the same time!!!

How: Go to an independent garden center listed on the dealer page of this website for a 4 Step Program. Ask for a FREE Application Guide.

Next: Follow the easy instructions and enjoy your beautiful lawn.

Last: Sit back and smile as you admire your lawn while thinking about all the money you saved!

View Turf Line Lawn Care Application Guide

5,000sft bag **Turf Line *Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Service
Fertilizer + Crabgrass Preventer $17.99 $22.98 “Call for quote”
Weed and Feed $17.99 $21.48 “transfer to sales”
Grub Control + Fertilizer $19.99 You have to buy each separately “special pricing”
Grub Control included $20.97 “hold please”
Fertilizer included $15.48 “we’ll send someone out”
Winterizer + Weed Killer $16.99 $24.98 “send us your information”
Program Total **$72.96 $105.89 $200 – $300

** Turf Line products are typically discounted in spring when sold together as a program
*Scott’s Turf Builder prices based on individual bag prices from www.homedepot.com in March, 2018